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21jun6:00 pm8:00 pmFortnite Fridays Monthly: Duos TournamentThird Friday of every month!



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Monthly solo and duo Fortnite tournaments for all types of players & skill levels, year-round!


🌟 Calling all young Fortnite champions! Are you ready to showcase your skills and dominate the battlefield? It’s time to join as an individual or team up with your best buddy and join our exciting Duos Tournament tailored just for you! 🚀

🏆 Get ready to embark on an epic adventure filled with intense battles, thrilling moments, and incredible teamwork. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your Fortnite journey, this tournament is the perfect platform for you to shine!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Friendly Competition: Battle it out against fellow young gamers in a fun and inclusive environment.
  • Exciting Prizes: Win amazing prizes and rewards for your exceptional gameplay and teamwork.
  • Skill-Building: Sharpen your gaming skills, develop new strategies, and learn from the best.

📅 Mark your calendars for our Solo Tournament, held on the first Friday of every month at 6pm. Gather your squad for our Duos Tournament, held on the third Friday of every month, also at 6pm. Get ready for an unforgettable gaming experience! Don’t miss out on your chance to become the next Fortnite champion in our tournaments!


Check out our FAQ below for some common questions and answers:

Registration, Check-In, Start/End Times, Friendlies

How do I register? Participants will need to purchase a ticket online and online only. Once doing so, the player does not need to bring any other money in order to participate. We advise coming about 15-30 minutes early in order to set up, and warm up. When players first enter they will first show the tournament official the ticket they received online after purchase. Once verified they will be assigned a seat. Once assigned a seat is when you can request a controller, headset, or anything else the center offers that could be of use.

What system is the game played on? Windows 11 PC with high end specs, including i7 13th gen, 4070ti video card, 32GB RAM, etc.. If this will be your first time playing on PC as a console player please keep in mind that all your settings will be defaulted. So if this pertains to you, take a picture of your settings at home to make the setting up process be more efficient. 

What time is the tournament open for people to come in? You can come as early as you want on tournament day once we’re open, but the free included warm-ups begin an hour before. Any time prior would be charged at at our regular walk-in rates. Our official casuals time starts at 5pm, with most people arriving prior to the tournament start at 6pm. See hours & location.

I pre-registered on your website, do I have to show up early? No, you can come any time up to the tournament start time.

What time do the the tourneys typically end? It’s entirely dependent on how many people are in the tournament, but they typically end around 8pm.

How can I let the TO (tournament organizer) know I’m running late? As soon as you realize you’re going to be late, immediately post a message in #late-check-in on our Discord server and a host will confirm. Kindly provide:

    1. Estimated time of arrival
    2. Your name as used on your registration
    3. If you registered on our website or not

It’s much better to pre-register in advance, especially if you’re running late. You can pay at the center when you arrive, but it still requires that visit this website and make a purchase!

When you arrive, please let a host know you’re there. Hosts are typically near the front of the venue when you come in.

When do people typically show up? I wanna get some friendlies too. Any time after 5pm is typically when most people start to show up. 

Do you play friendlies afterwards? Yes, until the venue closes, however, we would charge our standard rates.

Could I just pay for friendlies and play for a number of hours before and after the tournament? Yes!

What is the cutoff time? Please arrive by 6PM and don’t be late as it delays the tournament for everyone. There’s also a chance you’ll be disqualified, even if you have pre-paid. We can’t wait for you forever. That being said, there is a grace period if you’re running a few minutes late. Please use #late-check-in on our Discord server to inform us when you’re arriving.

I had registered for the next tournament but I won’t be able to show up, is there a way I could be unregistered from the event? Please let us know.

Entry & Payments, Prizes

How much does it cost and can I pre-pay online?

– People who are entering the tournament pay $25. Casuals and warm-ups (up to an hour before the start of the tournament) are included with the venue fee.
– People who don’t want to enter the tournament but would like to play friendlies can come in before or after the tournament and pay the regular walk-in fees.
– Spectators (people who have no intention of playing at all, not even friendlies before or after the tournament) can come watch and enjoy the atmosphere for free.
– We require that you to pre-pay on our website using our ticketing system. Just choose which tournament you want to purchase tickets for using the links at the top of this page, or by selecting the event you want to join on our calendar, also found on this website.

Casual friendlies are available before and after for those who want to congregate and get some games in.

How do I pay in-person and do you accept cash? You are not considered entered in the event until you purchase a ticket. Tickets can sell out at any time, so we strongly encourage you to pay online. That said, you can pay at the venue but it will still require you to purchase on our website, due to how our ticketing system works to track participants.

What does prizing look like? We offer Fortnite Vbucks and gift cards to our esports center. The amounts are based on the number of participants – the more that enter, the larger the prize pool.

How can I donate to the prize pool? Coming soon!

Is there a prize pool for the tournament I’m joining? Yes, every tournament has a prize pool. Scroll down to the rules section to see the payout information. It’s dependent on the number of entrants.

If I can’t make it, can I get a refund? If you’re not sure you’re going to be able to attend, we strongly suggest you not register until you’re ready. There are no refunds once you’ve paid.

More Juicy Questions!

What if I’m not that good at the game or I’ve never played in a tournament? People of all skill levels come to our tournaments, so don’t worry about that. If you have never played Fortnite with others before, this is a great opportunity to improve your skills and make some friends!

When will Players receive the winnings? Winnings will be handed out the night of the tournament. But please keep in mind, if there is game footage that needs to be reviewed or any other technical difficulty, winnings could be delayed a day or two. 

Do parents need to be present with their kids if they are under a certain age? Although we encourage parents to support their kids at the time of the tournament, due to lack of space this can clutter the walking area for workers who aim to better assist the players. If the parent or kid feels more comfortable with their parent nearby then that is fine. 

How long will the tournament last? We aim to keep the tournament at right around 2 hours or whatever is listed on the flyer. Technical difficulties can arise so keep in mind.

What is your refund or no show policy? We do not allow refunds.

How many players are in a Tournament? We have 28 slots open for each  tournament.

Can players bring their own equipment? Absolutely! We encourage players to be as comfortable as possible while competing. The center also has top of the line equipment for anybody who doesn’t bring their own as well for no extra charge. 

How can I get some street cred and bragging rights about my win? As part of our post-tournament experience, winners will be asked to take a picture in front of our prestigious winners wall (left of the front door). Players can decline of course but please note that if they accept, they will be subject to being posted on multiple social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, X, Twitch, Discord).


Discord, Twitch

How can I join your Discord server to get more info? Join here and check the relevant channels for more information.

Is there a Twitch stream for the tournament? Every event is broadcast live at

How can I access VOD’s of the tournaments? Watch at

What time does the stream start? Streams typically start around 6:15PM. A schedule is also posted on our Twitch channel.

Solo Tournament Rules

(Fortnite Solo Zone Wars)

Players will compete in 3 different game modes. Each game mode will feature a different scoring system. All scores earned throughout the tournament will be accumulated in order to determine the winners. The modes are as follows:

The first game mode will be a kill race. Players will each load into their own unranked solo match. It will be as if they are playing casually. Players will earn +1 point for each kill they get during the span of the entire match. Two total kill race games will be played. If a player dies and returns to the lobby earlier than the rest of the competitors, they will wait seated until all other players are finished with their game. Only then will the second kill race match commence. Players can play any other game mode they choose while they wait but no points can be accumulated while they are in the waiting period. 

The second game mode featured will be a 32-player Zone Wars map created by Droia. This map is on Fortnite Creative mode which is separate from regular battle royale. The map code 5295-5891-6929. This map simulates an end game scenario with up to 32 players. A constant moving and shrinking circle forces players to engage in high octane situations where individual skills will be featured in a brighter light. Each round lasts about 3 and a half minutes, and there are 15 rounds in the game mode. The point system for this mode awards 1+ for placement and 2+ points for kills. Placement simply means players who survive longer will receive more points. For example, the first person to die will receive no points, but the second person to die will receive 1 point. The 3rd person to die will receive 2 points because he outlasted 2 players. So on and so forth. The map features a competitive looting pool that gives players a legendary AR, legendary Shotgun, and heals. After the 15 rounds, points will be automatically tallied through the interactive map by pressing “tab” on the keyboard. 

The last game mode will be a private island. Everyone participating in the tournament will land into Gamers Grove’s very own battle royale island. Just as zone wars, players can earn points by acquiring kills or outlasting other opponents. This map is a 1 to 1 replica of the regular battle royale map and all loot is the same as what the game currently offers for the Battle Royale game mode. Only 1 game of this mode will be played, so make it count! The point system will be 2 points per kill and varying placement points depending on where you place. 10-7th place will receive 3 points, 6-4th place will receive 4 points, 3rd place will receive 5 points, 2nd place will receive 6 points, and 1st place will receive 7 points. Players that placed between 11th-28th, will not receive any placement points. At the end of the tournament all points will be added together in order to determine a winner. Good luck to all and let the games begin!


Duos Tournament Rules

(Fortnite Duo Zone Wars)

Rules are very similiar to Solo listed above. Additional details will be posted here within the next 24 hours.

We broadcast every tournament! Our Fortnite streams typically start with the official brackets around 6:15pm. Live commentary is offered by local casters whenever possible, and we’re capturing the game in 2K 240hz for optimal clarity. We warmly invite you to watch and cheer on your favorite players!


Join our Discord server! Meet other players, ask questions, suggest game titles we should carry, learn about tournaments and teams, and more.

  1. Download the app or use any web browser
  2. Create an account with an age over 13
  3. Use our invitation: or press +, choose Join a server and enter the link

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