Games We Support

We offer a wide variety of titles for both kids and adults, including the top esports titles based on prize money and popular non-competitive games. You will find all major categories at our center, including: MMORPG, FPS, Battle Royale, MOBA, RPG, Platformer, Fighting, Sports, Puzzle, and Simulation. We also host private, on-premise servers for an exclusive experience!

For an updated games list, be sure to visit our Discord server or contact us.

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Enjoy 1 gig fiber on our custom-built PC’s & Next-Gen Console

(PC: i7, 4070ti, 27″ 240hz, 32GB RAM, 2.5 gig LAN. Console: Xbox Series X, PS5, Nintendo Switch)

VIP Room: Enjoy an exclusive experience with premium white PC builds in a more private environment

Relax on our comfy couch while you play next-gen console on an 85″ 120hz best-in-class TV

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